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Frequently Asked Questions

When are tryouts and when will they be announced?

Tryouts are usually around the time of the last week of the school year. Usually tryouts are announced in April and this information can be found here on our club website and social media outlets. See Programs for more details.

What is the club's mailing address?

Ballston Spa SC, PO Box 2242, Malta NY 12020

Does BSSC permit players to guest play with other clubs?

It is common for other clubs to request Guest players for certain games when the BSSC does not have any events.  The procedure in this situation is that the coach of the requesting club must contact our player’s coach for permission before interaction with a player/parent.  Usually the BSSC has a strong relationship with the requesting club and will allow the player to Guest play.  Unfortunately, there have been documented instances where player recruitment is the goal.

Does BSSC allow for single session players?

BSSC is a year long commitment and teams are made based on players being available for the fall, winter and spring seasons so we do not offer single seasons for players except at the U8 level.  We do offer an option to practice with a team for those who can’t commit to a whole year but the player will not be able to participate in games.

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